"Pavilion" off of the garage

The plans for the garage are moving forward fast.  The topographic surveys are done, the blueprints are in with the city, and the permits are applied for.  Hopefully, we'll hear from the city this week with the go-ahead.  We've come this/close to settling on a garage builder - and hope to sign a contract within the week.  Once the permits are approved, we'll break ground!

In addition to the fence (from earlier this week), we're also going to put in some pavers for a patio, a new driveway, and a bunch of landscaping.  There's also this "pavilion" that I want built above the patio.  Pavilion you say?  Yep.  You got that right.  See the picture below for what we're looking for.  
Nat HATES the idea, but I want shade.  We're facing straight west (in our backyard) and the sun makes the yard **almost** unusable on a hot day.  With this free-standing structure up against the garage, I think we'll have a really comfortable area to have a nice afternoon.

We'll see where the prices come in.  I'm thinking I can build this myself, but my dad is skeptical (and for good reason!).  We'll have to put the footers in before the patio, but the rest can wait until we can find the right price.


  1. I like the idea. My friends have a patio off their garage with some really nice outdoor furniture.. A hammock, a couch, some cushy chairs. They run an extension cord from their garage and we can sit outside and watch baseball games and stuff on a small tv while playing with the kids and dogs and barbecuing. It's so great! Plus, (key!) they have a fridge in the garage for ice cold beverages. They also have a beer pong table in the garage, but that's just bonus. Great party space. And they don't need the pavilion for shade, but I can see how if your yard is all sun, it would be nice. http://www.rachelleb.com/2008/06/23/outside-living-room/

  2. thanks for the ammunition, rachelle. Of course we'll have the garage fridge and cable. Already in the plans! We'll see where the prices come back and **hopefully** we'll be able to do it.

  3. No one wants to be outside in the burning hot sun! I mean, ideally you'd have some sunny and some shady, right? We have a deck on top of our garage that is full sun and a patio off our bedroom that is almost always shade. I wish we had a yard though :)


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