No More Riverdance Celebration?

The NFL voted to change their rules recently that limit the endzone celebrations that have been ramping up in the past few years. Some folks think it's a great idea to curb this behavior because kids are starting to emulate these guys and have begun dancing and other things:
Kids imitated Johnson after scoring touchdowns in sandlot football games. Years later, those kids' kids imitated the "Ickey Shuffle," created by Cincinnati Bengals fullback Ickey Woods, who shuffled all the way to the Super Bowl. And there was the California Quake by the Dallas Cowboys' Butch Johnson, before coach Tom Landry banned his players from celebrating scores. 
Oh...the horrors! Kids are celebrating? 

This is a stupid change and I think they've made a mistake. 

These guys are entertainers and they should entertain us. (as a side note, I always enjoy the guys who just toss the ball to the referee and trot off to the sideline...)

As a result of this new rule change, we won't see what my brother-in-law Equation BoyMan thinks might have been the most brillant 'in your face' touchdown celebration dance ever: Chad Johnson's 'Riverdance'.

For those of you who aren't as quick on the uptake as Equation Boy/Man, like me, here's your explanation.


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