RSS, a lot of discussion about that

Don just posted this, but it's worth mentioning here.

Bill Gates gave the keynote at MIX06 and dedicated a great deal of his time to RSS.
RSS, a lot of discussion about that. We’ve seen it do a number of things that we’ve put out as industry standards for people to adopt around RSS. We think it’s very, very important. We’ve got the simple list extensions that make feeds better particularly for structured data. We think the amount of RSS going on is going to skyrocket. It’s already very significant. It will move up to new levels. And making it easy for you to manage those feeds so that they show up in the appropriate place, and some of the same mechanisms that we’ve thought about with things like e-mail rules can be applied here so that even when your information comes in it’s coming to exactly the place that you’re interested in seeing it. We’re going beyond just a textual-type notification where people will have photos and the podcasts themselves.
I've been attuned to RSS for a while now, but being at FeedBurner has brought that awareness to whole new levels. Oh...on that note...if we're expanding our offices, I'm ok with either SF or Valencia.


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