Google "Keeps the Lights On" for Pure Michigan

There's a really nice story in Today's Detroit Free Press about how the Pure Michigan ads are moving online as a result of state budget cuts.  You all know the Pure Michigan Ads, right?  The Tim Allen ones?

Well...the State of Michigan - like most other states - is totally out of money.  They've decided to look at the ways they can cut spending and one of the options was to "go dark" on these ads.  But...they only decided to "go dark" on broadcast.

They're alive and well not only on YouTube, but more importantly on search advertising.  Head to Google and search "apple picking" or "fall color tour" or "cider mill" or "pumpkin farm".  They're savvy marketers and know that they can run their ads against those terms and have a huge amount of impact on tourists. ads aren't as evocative as the Tim Allen ones.

But...when you need to "do more with less", the search ads are a pretty good deal:

"When every dollar is being scrutinized, especially in tight state budgets, if you can point to specific data showing a return, you can make the case that it's paying for itself," said Google's Jake Parrillo.


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