My Fantasy Football Team - 2010 Edition

For the second straight year, I missed my Fantasy draft.  Thankfully, Equation Boy/Man was there to draft my squad alongside his own.  Unlike last year, I provided some guidelines/recommendations based on a cursory search of the internets and a few IM's with two guys who I believe are die-hard fantasy guys.

Hard to tell at this point what I have team-wise, but at least I'll have something to keep me interested in the NFL- what with the Bears probably going 5-11 this fall.

QB - Drew Brees
RB - Cedric Benson
RB/WR - Santana Moss
RB/WR - Ronnie Brown
WR- Jeremy Maclin
WR- Chad Ochocinco
TE - Jermichale Finley
D - Colts
K- Robbie Gould

RB - Marion Barber
WR - Jacoby Jones
WR - Dexter McCluster
WR - Eddie Royal
QB - Sam Bradford
WR - Brandon Tate
TE - Tony Scheffler


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