Thanksgiving Traditions 2010 - The Last Waltz (of Course!)

As in years past  (200420052007,), I spent a good bit of time watching "The Last Waltz"  - however, this time I used Google TV and watched it clip-by-clip.  With the Babe's arrival and her first Thanksgiving, it is becoming apparent that my Rick Danko time is going to be squeezed out by the parade watching.   Maybe it'll become an evening staple?  I doubt Nat will allow that to happen....

But what would traditions be if they weren't a bit difficult to make happen each year?  Consider this a challenge.  Rick, Robbie, Garth, Levon, and Richard?  I'll won't let you guys fade away in the Parrillo household.

Adding to my enjoyment this morning is this book I found on Google Books - which chronicles the Last Waltz.  Sounds like mandatory reading!   It takes on a pretty academic perspective in describing the "instructions" to "play" the film loud - claiming that such instructions nudge the movie closer to an album and away from feature film.


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