Elmhurst Front Yard Christmas Tree Tradition: 2010 Edition

Just like in years past, we not only have a tree in our living room, we also have a smaller one out in the middle of our front yard.  Our front yard, you ask?  Yup.

It is a fundraiser for the school district and they drop the trees off for our block on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  Not everybody puts one up - there might be a person or two who are Grinches, but for the most part, the entire block participates.

This year, I arrived early at the tree pickup and grabbed a tall one.  Everyone puts the old-fashioned C9 lights on them - we use the big ones, but in LED bulbs.
There is a lot to like about Elmhurst, but this small tradition is one more reason to like living here - the sense of community around the holidays is nice and makes the season a bit more merry and bright.

For reference sake, here's our other yard trees:


  1. This is our first year in Elmhurst. About half of our neighbors put one up this morning. We had heard something about it, but didn't understand what it was. Thanks for putting this out there so I could find it. We'll try again next year.


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