My New Hobby: Our Christmas Village

Let me preface all of this by stating clearly:  Yes...I feel a bit of shame for this new guilty pleasure.  

I have to admit something:  I've *somehow* fallen in love with our Christmas Village.  Yes...those little porcelein buildings/scenes that people put up at the holidays.  You know the type.  You probably overlook them.  I know I used to.   But, for some reason, my brain keeps telling me that I NEED to collect these little buildings. 

It all started a few years ago - back in 2007 we received 2 Department 56 buildings for a wedding present from Nat's Aunt and Uncle.  Last year, I put both of them up on our temporary mantle.  This year, however, is a different story.  With the mantel finished, I figured it was time to think about what could go up there decoration-wise.  And...those two little buildings sparked something!  

One night, my mom was over and we started talking about the village buildings - and it turns out, she had a few Department 56 buildings that she received as gifts.  She hasn't put them out in years, so she offered them to me.  Now, my little community was 4 buildings strong!  

Then...I went to Menards. 

And...guess what?  They sell Christmas Village buildings!  But...they're NOT Department 56 (which...from what I can tell, is the gold standard of these thigns).   Rather, they carry something called Lemax.  In the store, they looked about the same, but each building was $20-$40.  Although the Department 56 ones are retailing for more than that online (like $50ish), the Lemax buildings still were too much for me.

But...then!  This week, Menards started their HUGE Christmas sale.  Everything is half off!  Guess what is included?  That's right!  Christmas Village buildings!

So...I sprung for a few.  Make that 3.  They were $10 each and to my can't really tell the difference between these new ones and the expensive ones.  Oh...and I bought a bunch of figures and such to make the scene a bit more lively.   Yes....that photo above is how it looks now.

Nat, when she reads this, is going to storm over to the mantel and give me a disapproving look - I can guarantee it!   She's not as excited about having a HUGE village as I am (she likes having a small, quaint one with just a few buildings!), but I think she'll come around.  Just wait until next year when I really get into it!  Can't wait!


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