Scamorza Cheese - The BEST Pizza Cheese

Allow me to let you in on a little secret:  After a life-long search for the tastiest, best cheese for pizza, I am happy to tell you that the journey is over.  Here it is:  Chellino Brand Scamorza Cheese.

I've been using Chellino Scamorza for 2 or 3 years after first reading about it on and then seeking it out and finally finding it at Zeppe's Italian Market in Naperville.  It is NOT cheap - a few more bucks per pound than your run-of-the-mill mozzarella, but that few dollar expense is more than worth it.

This particular brand of Scamorza - which is, as I'm told by the guy who answers the phone at Chellino Cheese Co in Joliet, IL, is the only Scamorza made this way (the rest it sounds like are a bit more like fresh mozzarella).  It is the perfect blend of creamy and salty. 

And the key part?  It looks, grates, and smells just like mozzarella.  But it tastes a bit different (better) and it must have a different (higher?) burning point because it browns differently, usually taking longer for the "top" of the pie to get done.  This means that your crust and bottom of the skin have time to catch up and you don't, as I used to, end up having a bunch of pies made at home that have well-done tops and under-cooked skins. 

I don't get back to Zeppe's any longer, but I've found that they carry this cheese at my local Angelo Caputo's in Addison.  It is a must-buy whenever we go there. 


  1. I live in central California, I will look for it at the Italian delis! Thanks!

  2. Jake, I grew up in Melrose Park. My father was first generation Italian and several of our relatives had pizzerias. There is at least one pizza chain in the Chicago area that makes pizza as they did, and that is D'Agustino's Pizza. They have several locations. I've been to the one on Addison many times and their pizza was excellent. Sadly, I haven't been there since I moved to Missouri in 2004.

  3. Just saw this cheese at Happy Foods in Edgebrook. Can't wait to try it!!


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