Menards Lemax Christmas Village Set Up - 2011

They've gone ahead and set up the Lemax Christmas Village at Menards.  Yes...I'm still starry-eyed by these things.  And...yes, I'm still embarrassed to say that I'm into them.  The Babe liked them too.  There's a set of these things that are Mickey Mouse-themed, so that got her to chime in with some "Micky!" and points and grunts.  There are a bunch of structures - from all of the various collections that I'll post in the coming days/weeks.  We spent a lot of time in front of the display over the weekend as it is really big.  With the Halloween stuff still taking up prime real estate in the store, the display is in a different spot this year.

So...did I buy anything?  Nope.  Not yet at least.  My (personal) rule is that I can't/won't buy anything that isn't on sale.  We'll see if my impluse resistance will stick through December 15th - when these type of things go on sale.


  1. You're too cute, and DO NOT apologize for loving these lovely villages. We have some, but some are 'knock offs' including some adorable figures from Dollar Tree.

    I found you today by searching for the MS owls, and got sucked into your blog. In a good way-you're doing the right things, making a home.

    Happy Holidays...


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