151 N. York Street, Elmhurst

On my 'downtown building' walk last week, I found myself of the east side of York and took some time to peek in this building at 151 N. York.  Here is the real estate listing from Inland.   It has been vacant for a while as there was (I think?) a salon of some sort that occupied the storefront most recently.   It is in MUCH better shape - and a better location - than the neat building I saw at 126 N. Addison Street last week.

This is right in the heart of our downtown (Or...as they like to call it: "City Center") directly across the street from the York Theatre.  It has 2 large front sets of windows that have been totally underutilized by the previous tenants.

For a sense of where this is, see the rendering below.  The location in question is #15 space here on the drawing below.  Right between the Chase Bank and BW3.  For a salon, it is HUGE - and based on the size of BW3, it may be sized properly for a sit-down restaurant.

Sit down restaurant?  Or big retail shop?  We can hope, right?  Come on Elmhurst, let's just say "no" to more salons/nail places.   I'll keep my eye on the spot and if someone moves in, we can revisit the post.  When you look in the front windows, the entire space is chopped up into little rooms with glass doors? So, whomever moves in, there likely will have to be a significant buildout to adapt the space to their needs.


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