Strange Sighting: MTA Metro North Train in Elmhurst

Recently, I was stuck at a grade-level crossing in Elmhurst when I this odd train passed: it was a commuter train, but was badged by the MTA - Metro North Railroad.  That's New York City?!?!

Strange seeing it on the Union Pacific West line in suburban Chicago, that's for sure.  I'm guessing that this *must* be a new train that is being driven across country to be put in service?


  1. Heading East. Towards NYC. With a huge UP locomotive pulling it.

  2. That is a new M-8 railcar for the Metro North Railroad's New Haven Line which runs from Connecticut to NYC.

  3. Beyond New York City - New Haven line bound for Connecticut! I think Kawasaki has a plant in Nebraska that they're building them in.


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