Red Barn Garage - Elmhurst

There's a few new houses going up in Elmhurst and as we drive through the neighborhood, it has been fun to watch them come together.  One of them - which is across York Street from us - has been going up fast.  Nat noticed that they had put up their siding and had chosen vertical red siding for the garage - making it look just like a red barn in their backyard.  The photo I took above is from the alley in back.

Pretty stinkin' cute, eh?  I'd love a barn in my backyard, wouldn't you?


  1. I LOVE that little garage! this photo must be from the alley. From the street, it just kinda peeks out. I think its so sweet and goes well with the style of the home.

  2. That colour combination is making me miss home. Back in Norway, red and white houses are quite normal. In general Norwegians are better with using colours on their homes than the Americans are. Sorry, you guys are a bit boring when it comes to your 100 shades of beige homes. ;)


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