Nu Crepes - Downtown Elmhurst

Down what I consider an alley, but the city of Elmhurst calls "Shiller Street" is a postered-up restaurant space that is listed as "Nu Crepes".  The signs on the window say 'Coming Spring 2012', but thus far they're not opened yet.  There's this listing in Chicago Magazine which bills the place as: "A fast-casual, 40-seat spot with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert crêpes, including egg-bacon-cheese, barbecue chicken, and banger toastie, a flavor paying homage to a Dublin favorite."

Based on some of the posts elsewhere on the web, it appears that they secured the construction permits in late Februrary.  The place also has some fans already from when they were selling crepes at the Elmhurst Farmers Market.   This will be the first of what I think are 3 spots in the Shiller Court development.  I hope these guys get this place up off the ground and that they spot develops into a huge success story.  The Addison Street development - which is going to be built right behind this place - should play in nicely with this store and if designed right will make Shiller Court a big asset to the City Center.  


  1. Hi Jake,
    My name is Diane Martin,one of the owners of Nu Crepes, Niall Martin is the Big Cheese. We'll be opening soon, really. We've had some delays but plan on opening in the next few weeks so keep an eye on that door. Our address is
    115 West Schiller Court. You had it listed as Shiller, you forgot the "c", also they're calling it Court, not street. It is quite confusing right now, alot of people try to go to 115 E Schiller Rd, but it's a nail salon. Once we get our land line up we'll be able to get listed on Google maps so that should help alot.

    We have our website up and will update it fully once we're open. We're also on FB so if you want to view some pictures of our progress that's the place to check things out.

    You mentioned that we had been at the Elmhurst Farmers Market, it was actually the Downers Grove Farmers Market. We did that for the past two years but were unable to do it this summer due to the construction of our permanent location. Our meats for the crepes will be supplied from one of the vendors there, Thomas Cicero; Hometown Sausage Troy WI.

    We're very excited to introduce our unique tasty crepes to Elmhurst(and beyond). We're a family restaurant and we live in Elmhurt ourselves. We believe Elmhurst will love our crepes, and will appreciate the care we've put into everyting from the food to the decor, art work and music.

    Thanks again for your mention on your blog. Looking forward to meeting you and your family in person.

    The Martins;
    Dylan and

  2. oops, there's a few tying errors in my post... sorry

  3. The Martin homemade pizzas are great, so I expect nothing but superb when I taste one of their Nu Crepes! Bon Chance, mes amis

  4. Hi Jake,

    I wanted to let you know that Nu Crepes is now open, having a soft launch this past Monday. The official grand opening will be this Saturday, including 10% off any crepe on the current menu. You can view the menu here:

    Hope to see you there!


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