Courageous Bakery Elmhurst: Coming Soon

After the news of the closing of Elmhurst's Bleeding Heart Bakery, I assumed that there would be a void in the cupcake/baking scene in Downtown.  But...that didn't last long.  In what was the Serene Teaz location on Park Avenue right on the tracks is a sign for "Courageous Bakery".  They bill themselves as home of Cupcakes for Courage which is a cupcake truck that we've spotted parked in town.    

Hopefully they'll get the doors open soon and we'll find out if they're better than Heavenly Cupcakes which we didn't love the first time we went there.


  1. Oh, I always see that track nearby my office!

  2. It is always parked in Downtown Elmhurst on the weekends. They must be down in the loop every weekday. Wonder what the opening of a storefront means for the truck?

  3. The cupcake truck will still be rolling throughout downtown. Thanks for posting about us! We hope to open the doors of Courageous Bakery in two weeks!

  4. When does the store open $ what hours? I see the truck down at Rush where I work. Good luck

  5. I miss the knit shop that was there. :(


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