Last Night's Tally - 2012 Halloween

We had 327 trick-or-treaters come to our door last night.  Now...I have to admit, that my nephew wanted to do some of the 'tracking', so he was writing down some of the numbers so this may be fudged a bit, but not by a ton.

That's 86 kids that we "know" (or live on our block/next block), 9 adults with no kids, 6 teens with no costumes, 1 girl who refused peanut M&M's and the rest made up of kids that we "don't know" and don't live in our neighborhood.

The numbers saw a big jump this year and are on a clear upward trajectory.

Last year, we had 269 total.  And only 37 kids that we "knew".
In 2010, we had 236 total.
In 2009, we had 184 total.


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