Vintage Spaghetti Trim Santa Salt Shaker (By Himself)

For a while, I was focusing on collecting spaghetti trim Santas so whenever I see one that is reasonable in price, I grab him.  In this case, he was on his own and missing Mrs. Claus (the pepper shaker), but he was cheap so I couldn't pass him up.  (as you likely can tell, I don't just restrict the things I buy to spaghetti trims any longer!)

This is the second time that I've scooped up just the salt shaker in the set.  Here's another one from last year.  I have *yet* to find the pepper shaker from that set, but now I have two different ones to seek out to complete these sets.  In this case, the spaghetti trim one appears to be a Mrs. Claus, but the Merry Christmas one from last year is two different Santas.


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