Disney Pins: Scrapper Pins

Now that I'm officially out of the Disney-fanboy closet, I can share this whole pin trading thing with you guys.  If you've gone to DisneyWorld you've probably noticed the whole pin-trading situation.

We've gone the past few years and now that the Babe and the Bird are both old enough to understand what is going on, I've gotten them into pin trading.  We've bought pins at the park in sets to trade and bought some online.  This year, for our upcoming trip, I bought some pins on ebay.  And...something seems odd about one of them.  See it above?

There's lots of posts around the web about how to spot a 'scrapper Disney pin' (AKA counterfeit or fake pins).  Here's one post that talks about how to spot 'high quality scrapper Disney pins'.  And...they give some good tips to spot.  Like how the back looks or how smooth the sides are or even the colors on the front.

But...I think I can give you another tip.  When the person - likely in China - who makes the pins can't figure out that Graduate is spelled with an 'r' and not a 'b'?  Then...it is likely a scrapper.


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