Apollo's Ring Hybrid Sunflower Seeds

I get a set of Sunflower seed packets each year for my birthday.  It is a nice tradition that I've come to enjoy.  For the past few years, the person who gives me the seeds has been getting pretty creative in terms of the variety of seeds.

This year, they gave me a few packets - and I'll run through them in different posts here - starting with this Apollo's Ring Hybrid (GIRASOL Apollo's Ring Hybrid).    These ones aren't super tall.  They are listed as topping out at 5-6', so they'll be a nice compliment to some of the taller ones.

Here's the post showing off all the different varieties I planted last year in 2014.
Here's the post showing off some of the 2013 sunflowers already growing.
And...here's a post from 2011 showing off some of the blooming flowers.


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