May The Fourth Is NOT With The Fighting Illini

Yesterday (May the Fourth), the Big Ten Fan Shop at Fanatics sent out this cute (and timely) email touting Big Ten/Star Wars gear.  Seems like everyone was doing May the Fourth stuff yesterday.

One note:  Nat actually got this and pointed it out to me. That's pretty awesome, right?   Also, I don't go into my promotions tab in Gmail very much these days.  After this, I should, I'm thinking.

Anyway, When you click through the email copy, you end up at this page on the Big Ten Store.  There are 12 different Big Ten t-shirts/bags with Star Wars stuff.  Cool.  I scroll down and look around.

Here's the roundup.

3 Ohio State University Buckeyes items
2 Michigan State University Spartans items
3 University of Michigan Wolverines items
1 University of Wisconsin Badgers item
1 Penn State University item
1 University of Nebraska item.

Sadly...not one Fighting Illini item.

How many?  Zero.point.Zero.  WTF?  Illinois has this massive and super well-known engineering school.  If I had to guess where the overlap in the venn diagram between Big Ten students/alums and Star Wars fans, the nerds down in Champaign-Urbana would be filling up the largest slice.  Give us some love, Big Ten/Star Wars.  Please?


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