Silver Harbor Brewing Company - St. Joe's Michigan

I have to tell you:  something just *had* to give in terms of St. Joe's Michigan restaurants.  I mean...the wait at Silver Beach Pizza sometimes gets to be like 2 hours on non-holiday weekends and sure...the pizza is great(!!!), but it also tells me that there's a huge unmet demand for eats in town.

Couple that dynamic with the craft beer movement and what pops out the other end is the new Silver Harbor Brewing Company that has opened recently in Downtown St. Joe's.  Silver Harbor has a taproom that opened up in a 100 year old building and is located on the 'other side' of the main drag through town.  You can comfortably park anywhere in town like near the bluff and still walk to Silver Harbor.  

We decided to bring all three kids and give this place a try on a Friday night.  They have a system of texting you when your table is ready, so we were given a 45 minute wait and we went to town to walk around and check out the public art.  Once we were texted, we were seated right away.

The taproom is made of natural materials and has a long, live edge wood bar.

The 'speciality' of Silver Harbor is 'smoking' your beer.  Yeah...smoking.  Check out the photo below and look to the right of the woman in the jean jacket.  That dome thing is a beer being smoked.

And here's a close-up of the beer under the dome being smoked.

We ordered dinner and a couple of flights.  There were some highlights and some not so great beers.  Nat loved the stout and the "Party Barge".   The flights are served on this awfully cute mitten-shaped Michigan beer paddles.

We ordered dinner and it wasn't super memorable.  Our visit was a couple weeks ago and I can't quite remember what we had, so it must not have been a stand out?  But, it also must not have been terrible, either, right?

This is a welcome addition to St. Joseph's, Michigan and we'll certainly be back.  Seems like a place that we can take out-of-towners for beers when we think the crowd at Silver Beach Pizza is too slammed.


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