Lionel Satellite Launching Car - Mantleburg Lines

Last week, I showed off the newest addition to the Mantleburg Line in the Target Launching Balloon car, but it wasn't the only new car we bought at the Christmas Train Show out in Wheaton a few weeks ago.  We also added this car above - that has some action just like the balloon car.  It is called the #3510 Satellite Launching Car and is part of the "Pre-War Celebration Series" of reproductions from some early 1940's cars.

That silver/metal-looking satellite launches up in the air when you position the car on on operating segment of track.  You can see it here (I've tee'd up this video to start at the right time) in action.

It does a very quick trip to the ceiling then down.  Adds some fun operating concepts to the train that takes it from running around in a oval to something that is a bit more interesting for the kids and makes them last a lot longer down in Papa's basement with their Christmas Trains.


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