Our Christmas Tree - 2016 Edition

This year, we went back to our normal variety of tree:  the Fraser Fir.  And we sized it a bit more appropriate for the space.  Here's last year's post showing the tree we brought home that was a Douglas Fir.

And, once again, we put up our tree, not in our house, but in the house of Equation Boy/Man and my sister Vic, who are graciously putting us up for another holiday season.

If you look at last year's post and scroll down you'll see a photo of the Babe putting our angel on top of the tree.  In the background, you can also see the trim casing that sits above the opening between the family room and dining room.  When you look there, you can clearly see that the angel is sitting *below* that casing - meaning the tree was short.

Look at the photo above.  The angel - who is MIA - would be sitting well above that same casing.  Much better sized.  The angel?  I *think* I know where she is, but will have to wait until next weekend to know if we found her or not.

While we've been getting trees together as a family since 2008, it seems that I've only been posting about them since 2010.  So, here's the full archives six previous trees:

Here's our tiny tree from 2015 at Equation Boy/Man and Vic's house.
Here's the tree in 2014 at our old house.
Here's the post of our 2013 Tree. We kept it in the same position once again.
Here's the post (on google+) of our 2012 Tree.
Here's the post of our 2011 Tree.
Here's the post of our 2010 Tree.


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