Two Months In - Our Dawn Redwood

Two months in the ground and here's what our little Dawn Redwood looks like in our #newoldbackyard.  We planted it on Earth Day this Spring.  After buying it at Menards (of all places!) and storing it on the driveway for a few weeks.   We planted it about 2/3rds of the way back along the north property line.  It is going to spread out quite a bit as it grows (slowly) so we might end up 'limbing' it up based on where the fence ges, but I'm pleased to see some new growth on some of its extremities.  It has a slight lean to the trunk, but you can see in the photo that I just brought out some yellow cord and a few stakes that I'm going to apply to it to see if we can help straighten it out.  Nature, of course, will do it's own thing, but we'll try to lend a hand.  The lean is heading to the north, so I think over time, the sun will pitch in and straighten it back out by encouraging southern growth.

This is the 2nd of a few updates coming on some of the new trees.  On Monday, I posted a new photo of our Japanese flowering Cherry Tree that we planted near the south side of our lot.  Will grab some photos of the Corkscrew Willow and the espaliered Lindens that we also added/are adding.


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