Our Cuckoo Clock

We installed exactly two items on the walls of our #NewOldFarmhouse.  The first was a television.  I mounted it on the wall in the first few days after we moved in.  The other?  Our cuckoo clock that you see above.    I posted about the clock before when I posted a photo from my sister Vic and described how we bought our clock in the Black Forest and then after receiving it, how it went right into storage.

Ours is an eight-day version, so the big weights you see in the photo have a long way to go to reach the floor, but I keep yanking them up after just a day or two so we've never had them dangle close to the reach of the kids.

There are three kids on the clock with the middle one not glued down, so we have to place her over to one side or the other.  With it striking just the cuckoo at the bottom of the hour and playing a song at the top of the hour, I've grown to really like hearing it around the house.  It was running a bit fast, so I moved the flower circle up the shaft of the pendulum, but then it was running too slow.  So, I've played around with it to try to find the right spot to keep accurate time.  Pretty incredible stuff to see the mechanics in the back of the clock - from the mechanism to the baffles that make the sounds.   Fun to think that this thing will be around until they drag us out of the house!


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