Concrete Driveway Sealer - Slippery When Snowed On?

I posted a [house maintenance] post recently talking about how I applied a coat of concrete driveway sealer earlier this Fall as part of just trying to keep up with things around the house.  Back a week or so ago, Nat had to drive the kids to school one morning when it was snowing.  And after she got the van back into the driveway, she sent me this photo showing her - ummm....nonlinear - route up the driveway. 

I had recently brought our van in to the tire store and the guy told me that the tires were fine.  They had about half of their life left on the treds. 

Yet, she had a tough time getting up our inclined driveway. 

So...that has me wondering:  have I made my driveway slicker than it would be without the sealer?  I imagine that it would be the case, right?  I mean...if the water beads up and there's a little bit of a glossy coat on the concrete, isn't it going to be slippery when wet? 

I've tried over the past few Winters to use as little salt on the driveway as possible - as I know it isn't great for the finish.  Some folks recommend Kitty Litter?  Or sand?  Throwing down a little aggregate to provide a little bit of gripping power? 

My neighbor recommends Calcium Chloride for ice melting - as it has claims of being safe on concrete.  I'm going to try to find a bucket of that stuff and give it a shot this Winter, too.


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