Memorial Stadium Overhaul

My old stomping grounds, Memorial Stadium in Champaign is getting a major facelift. They're adding new permanent stands to the North Endzone, and updating both the West and East Halls. The addition of a new press box and an assortment of luxury suites will bring the Illini in line with the majority of the schools in the Big Ten stadium-wise.

They have trained a webcamera on the Northside construction. I've been checking out the feed everyday. I think if I put this image up here, it'll show what's doing for you live on this blog. If you see little men working, hit refresh and they should have moved! Pretty nifty.

(picture taken down)

While all the talk recently has been on how tough a place to play our basketball areana, the "House of Paign" or Assembly Hall is, I think Memorial Stadium, when rockin' is a very formidable home. It has classic lines with the columns, and once the horseshoe portion is done (phase 2?) and there is a more direct link with Assembly Hall, we'll have a great home field advantage.

I probably rank Camp Randall as top dog in the conference, followed by the Horseshoe in Columbus, then probably Michigan Stadium, then our Memorial Stadium or Kinnick in Iowa. What's your picks?


  1. Kinnick is the tops. Memorial stadium should be just that, a memory. A stadium with a retractable dome and movable turf isn't going to improve your stinkin' team!

    Go Hawks!


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