Heavenly Cupcake Shop in Elmhurst

Over the weekend, Nat and I decided to enjoy the "nice" weather and took the Babe for a walk in her stroller.  We stopped for lunch (at Fontano's Subs), then walked by the newly opened Heavenly CupCake Shop in Downtown Elmhurst.  It is sandwiched between Starbucks and the York Movie Theatre on York Street - a prime location.
Our hopes were high.  Downtown Elmhurst has a collection of nice stores both retail and restaurant, but we don't have a nice bakery.  When the signs went up both Nat and I talked about how we were hoping that although it was called a "cupcake" shop, they were undoubtably going to be selling more than just cupcakes.  We had visions of a Sweet Mandy B's-type of place:  a bakery - very prominently featuring cupcakes with crazy frostings -  but also a place where you could get cookies/brownies/whoopie pies/cakes/etc.

We'd love to have a place we can walk to when we needed to pick something up for a party or for an everyday indulgence.

Unfortunately, after walking into this place, it is clear that their vision is closely confined around cupcakes.  In fact, when we were in there, I asked the owner, "So...all you guys have are cupcakes.  In the future...if I ever wanted a brownie or cookie, I'm going to have to somewhere else, right?"  She replied that they were ONLY going to focus on cupcakes - and were not going to introduce any other product types to their cases.
I can admire her steadfast focus on cupcakes.  I'm certain that they didn't enter this business willy-nilly, but the Heavenly Cupcake Shop in Downtown Elmhurst leaves me a bit disappointed.  And I didn't even talk about the cupcakes!  We just bought one - the York - which is a cute play on both location and flavors (the store is located on York Street, and the frosting/cake includes York Peppermint Patties).  We didn't love the cupcake, and with their prices - you'll have to love them to go back.  I'll give the shop another shot with their carrot cake cupcakes, but as it stands now, my mother-in-law makes better cupcakes than this place.


  1. I agree Jake, with the desire & intention of only making cupcakes, they won't stay in business through Spring 2012.


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