New Menu at Lou Malnati's

A few months back, I spotted the original Lou Malnati's Menu hung on the wall of our take-out Lou's in Downtown Elmhurst.  We all noted how cute it was and ever so simple.  Last week, Nat and I found ourselves in Schaumburg doing some errands (bike store, IKEA) and we ran across the Schaumburg Lou Malnati's.  Nat insisted that we head there for supper.

After sitting down in their cute house-turned-restaurant we were greeted with this mammoth:
Go ahead and click on the picture to get it to blow up.  That menu is HUGE.  And...there's printing on the back!  A bit overwhelming for a place that serves pizza, no?

As a reminder, here's the original menu.
The price differences are starting:

Small pizza:  $1.50
Large pizza:  $3.50

Small pizza:  $9.20
Large pizza:  $16.75

I understand the demands of expanding a menu at a restaurant and wanting to please everybody, but you tell me:  which menu do you like better?   For me, the answer is clear: older is better!


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