Spring Has Sprung in Elmhurst Via Our $5 Trees

Early last Spring, we found a couple of super cheap trees at Wal-Mart.  Now...Wal-Mart isn't exactly the first place you'd think of when buying trees to plant in your yard.  In fact, we didn't go to Wal-Mart that day looking for trees.  But...somehow we ended up wandering into the nursery/outdoor part of the store and we stumbled on some trees.

They were small, and a little scrawny but they were cheap.  They were $5.00 USD per tree.  Seriously.  We bought a few different kinds of trees - 4 in total.  We figured, we couldn't go wrong.  We only had our little Honda Accord, but we threw them in - and had them hanging out the trunk.

We put one in our front yard - a Cleveland Pear Tree - and hoped for the best.  It was billed as "fast growing" and "flowering".  Last year it did very little.  In fact, I thought it "shrunk" a bit (I know it didn't....but due to it's small size, it felt like it did!).

After the winter, we **hoped** that they'd make it.  And...much to our surprise, it looks like all four have come through and have some leaves/buds on them!  The Cleveland Pear even has some flowers showing up.    Check out those babies in the photo above!

This is year 2 of the "Sleep, Creep, and Leap" cycle - so hopefully we'll get some "creeping" going on this summer as they head upwards slowly.

I'm one proud landscaper.  And frugal, too!


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