New Garage Framing Goes Up

Early Monday morning, our lumber and carpenters showed up to get started on the framing of our new garage.  I had to work, so I'm glad Nat was there to chronicle the progress.  They say that they'll be done by Wednesday - but I'm skeptical.  Every contractor we've dealt with has always under-delivered time-wise.

But if someone is going to get the job done on time, it seems to be these guys.  They said they'd get to my house before 7 am, and they were there ready to work by 6:30.  I like that.  Here they are showing up with the material.
They unloaded some of the materials, then dumped the rest right from the truck.  It had to have woken up the neighbors.
These carpenters meant business and got going framing up the walls.

These two guys lifted each section into place.

They tied them together pretty quickly.  

The covered the whole thing in plywood.
Here it is all closed up.  Windows will be cut on this side.
Like this!

Because the spans are pretty big above the overhead doors, we specified double laminated beams as part of  the job.  Most every contractor we talked to said it was 'overbuilding' the project, but I feel comfortable with spending a few extra bucks to make sure it doesn't sag over time.
At the end of a VERY long day, the garage looked like this:
They might have this thing done in two days!


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