Chicago Bears Dan Hampton in Frankfort (1986-1987ish)

I found this photo while digging through my dad's garage in Michigan.  From left to right is Matt Levy, a young me, my dad, Dan Hampton, my sister Linda, my sister Vic, and Aaron Levy.  Look at the smile on my dad's face!

I remember this like it was yesterday:  My mom's friend won a raffle from the new grocery store in Frankfort called Apples where Dan Hampton would personally deliver a sack of groceries to your front door.  Of course, she invited over the neighborhood so we could all meet the Danimal.  My recollection is that when I shook his hand it was like shaking a catcher's mitt.

Looks like I have a program of some sorts in my hands, so there is a companion autograph somewhere in my dad's archives.  The vintage is somewhere in 1986 or 1987.  Based on the brown grass, looks like this was in the spring.  Could this have been right after the Superbowl?  I look older than 8, right?


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