Mirai Sweet Corn

At the Elmhurst Farmer's Market, there are your typical produce vendors - wide variety of offerings, but not a ton of personality.  They'll have fruit/vegetables but usually just a teenager there to collect the money.  They're not really interacting with the customers as much as just taking their money.  The food is good, that's not my complaint.  

Then...there are two large vendors with some personality and quite a bit of knowledge.  One of those vendors is Twin Garden Farms from Harvard, Illinois.  They are the purveyors of Mirai Sweet Corn - they're own home-grown hybrid variety.

The serve it raw - right in the stand - and it tastes delicious.  They say that occasionally they'll have it at Dominicks or Jewels, so if you see it, pick up a sack.  They come 6 ears per purchase.  Cook all six and make it a meal!


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