HUGE Mr. Stripey Tomatoes

When I put in my raised garden beds, I was expecting to see a slight increase in production of fruit/veggies because of the warmer soil conditions.  I was very careful to only use organic fertilizers that lack the power punch of chemicals when it comes to boosting the size of my tomatoes, so I figured I'd get fairly average sized fruits.  I hoped for the best.

Some of the varieties went like crazy and others are still mostly green.  The Mr. Stripey's however, are just ripening and there aren't very many of them.  Maybe 8-10 tops.  But...they're all absolutely HUGE.  Feels a lot like a 16" softball in my hand.  I can't quite grip it comfortably it is so big!

Being a parent, the "control" item in this photo happens to be a pacifier.  Could have used a quarter or something, but this was around.
I can't find my kitchen scale, so I can't get a precise reading, but when I used our bathroom scale, I stepped on then stepped off.  Then picked up the tomato and stepped back on.  My weight went up 1.8 pounds.  To me, that means this thing is almost two pounds of tomato-ey goodness!

We'll be sharing these beauties with friends and family the rest of the week!


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