Retro Doritos - Bringing Back Their Old Logo

At what we still call "The Hilltop" even though it is a Harding's Market - and has been for 10 years or so - I ran across these retro Doritos in the chip aisle.  (The store was called "Hilltop Groceries" or something like that prior to being bought by Harding's.  We began going there in 1989, and the change happened sometime in the Aughts, so 20+ year long habits are hard to change!) 

You can tell this is Michigan because you can spot the price tags on the Fritos dip below the chips.  More here about price tags in Michigan)

But...back to the retro Doritos.  I didn't buy them, but the bag just about had me convinced that I should!  The new bag is CLEARLY aimed at teenage boys - the same demographic who are buying Monster Energy Drinks - with the edgy, electric graphics.  But the cuddly, retro, 80's logo is aimed squarely at 30-somethings that will be hit with a wave of nostalgia - remembering their childhood of brown-bagging their lunch to grade school.  At least, that's what came over me when I came across the packaging. 

The only question I had was, why are these "Taco Flavor"?  Was that the original flavor we ate back in the day?  Is "Nacho Cheese" a new-er invention?  I could have sworn I was eating "Nacho Cheese", but maybe that's just modern marketing that has altered my memory? 


  1. You made me curious so I had to look it up -

    The first flavor of Doritos was Toasted Corn followed by Taco flavor. Nacho Cheese (known for a time as Nacho Cheesier) flavor was released in 1972 while Cool Ranch (known for a time as Cooler Ranch) flavor was released in 1986.

  2. So....I'm thinking that being born in 1978 and (most likely) eating Doritos in the mid-late 80's, I was eating Nacho Cheese!

  3. I love the retro logo design a LOT better! Older is better :)


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