Garage Floor - DIY Epoxy Floor Kit from Rust-oleum

After our garage was built, I applied a floor coating from Rust-oleum as a DIY project.  For a few hundred bucks, we had a nice, sealed floor.  I never got around to posting these photos - they've been sitting as a draft for MONTHS - but with winter here and our garage floor covered in melted snow, salt residue and grim, it reminded me that (I hope) I'll be able to throw down a little pinesol mop away and then squeejee the moisture out the door and we'll have a perfect floor.

The process of actually applying this stuff is easy, but the prep is a pain.  You have to etch your concrete - even brand new bare concrete - with an acid and get it spotless and dust free. 

In order to get the chips down, I did one "square" at a time with each container covering 3 "squares".  Since we have a 3 car garage, that meant two kits to get it done.  You also have to cut-in the edges with a brush, but after that, it is just rolling out paint.  Easy-peasy!

These are the chips you thrown down.  Nat doesn't love them, but I like the effect they give.


  1. Loveit...and the chips too! Gives it a good garage-like feel...

  2. Your garage floor looks great! We love the chips. Thank you so much for using Rust-Oleum.

  3. I agree. One of the finest types of floor coatings is the above mentioned protective coating being used for various residential and industrial floors. Thanks for sharing.


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