Addison Car Wash - Undercarriage Button

I *think* I've found a new carwash spot.  During the warm weather months, I use the DIY Sparkle Car Wash on North Avenue, but with the freezing temperatures, they've mostly closed up their bays - not to mention that I don't really want to be using a hose and soap wand in sub-freezing temperatures. 

So I was left to use the Delta Sonic - which does a decent job.  One day last weekend, Nat was set to take my car (the small one) but she didn't want to use it because, as she said, "it is gross inside".  So, I had to find a place that could do the interior.  Using Google Maps on my phone, I found the Addison Car Wash, located just a bit north of North Avenue not to far from our house.

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The prices are great ($7.50 for a interior clean with vacuum and wipe down along with a nice exterior wash), but the place is a little grimey.  Actually, it is pretty close to being a dump.  But with a $7.50 wash, who was I to complain. 

After entering the building, you pay and then you walk down the hallway watching your car go through the process like you do at most car washes.  But, this place had something that I had never seen before:  a DIY Undercarriage Wash button.  See it there?  It really is a big red button that you have to push as your car goes by to get an undercarriage rinse going. 

This added a little bit of game mechanics to the wash and I kind of liked it.  Not sure why other places don't do this as I could see it being A LOT of fun for kids and adults alike.

Anyone ever been to a wash with a DIY button like this before?


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