HUGE tree at Third and Indiana Street: Gone

Turns out, we're not alone.  Elmhust Patch is saying that the City of Elmhurst is going around quite a few neighborhoods - and in a pro-active attempt to keep the Ash Borer from finding a home in our city - chopping down as many Ash trees as they can find regardless of their size.  Just one block from our house - at the southeast corner of Third and Indiana Streets sits this massive stump.

I put the Babe's stroller in the photo to give you some perspective.  I tried to count the rings, but lost track somewhere north of 100.

I can understand the issue behind the elimination of these Ash trees, but it seems like a pretty significant waste in my mind.  More sad than anything else I suppose. 

On the bright side, it seems that not only is the City replacing the trees with something else, they're willing to work with the homeowner if the Ash tree is *really* special to the homeowner and they don't want it chopped down.

But, I have to ask:  Can't they be treated some other way besides just chopping them down?  I have tried to find the answer on the web and it isn't clear.  Other places like St. Paul have the Borer present and are cutting down AND treating trees.  But, maybe that treatment is only to kill the Borer?  Is there a way to treat these Ash trees without cutting them down to make them a lot less inviting to the Borer?


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