Addison Street Development - Downtown Elmhurst

According to this story on the Elmhurst Patch, the Elmhurst City Council is considering a joint public/private partnership with a developer to re-develop part of Addison Street (the east side) from Schiller Court (the little walk-thru alley) north to Second Street (which is where the mechanic's garage is).  I think there is a one-story office building on the south end (next to Shiller Court) then 2 parking lots and the Mechanic's garage.  There used to be a Greek restaurant in there, but they tore it down last year.  The City is considering a retail only version or one with retail AND offices upstairs.  Both options have a garage connected to them - which it seems is a big deal for everyone.  I am partial to the bigger option that has office space - even though it is 20 feet taller.  In this case, I think density is our friend.  Those office jobs help feed the retail component by putting bodies in Downtown during the day which means more revenue opportunities for those stores/restaurants.
(This image above is from the city's documents)

The full document is located here on the city's website.  There's A LOT in there like a discussion of TIF's and comprehensive plans, but it seems that the City believes that this development will serve as the major stimulus to getting Addison Street going - and making Downtown a lot more lively.    I think I'd tend to agree with them.


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