One Third of the Way Through 2011

Taking a look at the list of archives on this blog, it seems that we've arrived at the 1/3rd point in the calendar year.  (well...technically, we're just a hair past 1/3rd, but for round numbers, this is as close it we can get, right?)

Has gone fast, hasn't it?  I've done so much this year, but still have so much to get done - especially outside in the backyard. 
On my to-do list:
1.  Stain the fence
2.  Stain the deck
3.  Seed the lawn
4.  Powerwash/re-sand/seal the pavers
5.  Build/assemble playground
6.  Re-establish vegetable garden
7.  Stain/seal raised beds in vegetable garden
8.  Stain the pavilion wood


  1. #9 write blog posts about #s 1-8.

  2. Indeed, Rick! Wouldn't have it any other way. Have to *own* yourself in search, right?


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