The *New* Pepperoni: Hot Sopressata

For the past three or four years, this delicious salted cured meat has been in my life.  It must have been a pizza blog (likely Slice) that turned me onto the meat.  Needless to say, I'm a Sopressata evangelist now.   That's a slice of the stuff in the photo above.  As you can see it looks a lot like salami or pepperoni, but is more oblong shape instead of round.  And, it is spicier and (of course!) tastier.

It won't be taking over pepperoni on your regular run-of-the-mill thin crust pie, but at most artisan pizza joints these days, you'll find this meat gracing many a skin where regular old pepperoni would have done.

We buy ours at Caputo's in Addison and the care they put into packaging our slices speaks to the importance this sliced meat holds in the hearts and minds of Italians.  When my pizza oven comes to life next year, the second pie out will be a Sopressata one.  First?  Has to be Margherita, right?

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