Compost Surprise(s) - 2011

Just like last year, a few *surprises* have lept up in the middle of our garden where I poured out our compost bin.  First, I should say that I am SO pleased with the compost this year.  The tumbler really worked it's magic and I (apparently) had the right mix of greens and browns.  I composted ALL of our fall leaves along with a bunch of grass clippings and kitchen scraps.  The result was the pure 'Black Gold' that gardeners dream about. 

But, the temp wasn't quite hot enough in the tumbler or the gourds that I threw in there from last year were resistant to heat.  I saw some of the seeds in the mix when I was dumping it out but figured they *couldn't* germinate again like last year.  I pegged it as a fluke last year when something of a hybrid emerged in the form of a (home-named) watermelon gourd


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