New Potato Harvest

On Tuesday night, I had a long list of tasks to get done outside.  Cut the lawn.  Re-stake my tomato cages.  Then...time for pest removal/reduction.  After I took care of a hornets nest I finally got busy tending to my garden.  With the temperatures lower than they have been in the past 10 days, last night was a good night to catch up on some neglect.  And I was greeted with some good news: A partial harvest came in last night from my New Potato plants.  The plants are starting to die back, so I began digging.  Here's what I turned up a nice amount of spuds.  I'd say that this is likely going to be about 1/5th of the total harvest based on the area I dug up.  About 10 potatoes that look like this of various sizes:
Some of them are really quite big, too.  Here's one next to a champagne cork to demonstrate the size:
I know next year I'll be doing A LOT more potatoes earlier in the spring.  I'll have to find some Fingerling seed potatoes on the web somewhere.

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