11th OGB Post: It's Kickoff Time for US Football Searches

Late Friday afternoon, my fifth sports-related went up on the Official Google Blog - this one focused on football.  Entitled "It's Kickoff Time for US Football Searches", the piece touched on the behavior of football fans all across the country.  I'm just the 'ghost-writer', as this piece is (once again!) signed by someone else. 

A few things to note:

1.  I was able to sneak in a Jim Mora "Playoffs?!?!" Easter Egg in the post that links to a video clip.
2.  I also had a link from the post where I referenced the Bears to Denny Green's "The Bears are who we thought they were.  If you wanna crown their asses, then crown 'em!" rant, but that got pulled.
3.  In the draft version, I included a link to this chart below (comparing football to religion) when saying that football was a big deal.  Again, wiser heads prevailed!

World Series will likely be the next sports post, but that only gets us to six.  I'd like to find a few more before the year ends.  What other significant events are there in the fall? 


Here are the live links to all eleven of my posts on the Official Google Blog:


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