The Way -The Movie - Starring Martin Sheen Courtesy of Home Run Inn

Last week, we were fortunate to be invited to see a special screening of a movie titled "The Way" in the city at the AMC River East.  The screening was hosted by Home Run Inn Pizza (the #1 frozen pizza in Chicago!) and their marketing team put together a pretty great event.  We were not only treated to a free movie, but also ate tasty pizza! Oh, and did I mention that both Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez showed up at the screening? our tailgate in South Bend over the weekend?  All thanks to the good folks at Home Run Inn.

The movie, directed and adapted by Emilio Estevez and starring his father Martin Sheen was a heartstring-puller.  Focusing on a father/son dynamic set on a pilgrimage on the Camino, the movie is a neat combination of family dynamics and history.  My one quibble with the film is that it is just a bit too sad.  I LOVE going to the movies, but I go for the escape quality that the deliver.  Being a parent - and thinking about my relationship with my own father - this film hits a little too close to home for my taste.

There were plenty of lighter moments with the character Yost stealing the scene more than once.

The Way opens on October 7th, but I'm not certain how wide of a release it will be. If it is your theatre, make time to check it out. 


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