Katy Bar the Door: Michael's Has Lemax Christmas Villages (already)

If you were around last Christmas, you know that I somehow got hooked on Lemax Christmas Villages.  Yes...it is embarrassing.  Yes, I know.

That's why it was so hard to just walk by the huge display of Lemax stuff at Michael's this week.  Look at all that stuff.  And, there's some "exclusives" that Michael's is marketing.  I can't rationalize why I want these things, but my brain has a blip in it apparently.

If I let myself go crazy, I think you could probably point to this 'hobby' as the reason for why Nat would ask me to move out.

Thankfully, I've shown tremendous restraint thus far.


  1. Is there a Lowe's store village pc. and if so where can I find it?

  2. Hello. How early does Michael's start displaying Lemax? November? Earlier? Can you remember when you took the picture above?


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