Soffits Built - Basement

The framing is done*.  The soffits are built.  All the various ducts are hidden behind these wooden structures so we can get the drywall hung.

All that's left is the plumbing and some insulation before the drywall crew shows up.

*by saying 'done', I mean MOSTLY done.  There's a few little things that I have to finish up.  But the bulk of the work is done.


  1. Checking in on my "over" bet for drywall. How far away?

    For every project we've done, it always seems to take 2x as long.

  2. I had predicted that we'd have drywall started *this week*. That means that by Saturday. Won't get there, but that's not because of anything else besides my budget and me dragging my feet and the fact that our shower base is still on special order at Mendards!

    The electric is done. The framing is done. The plumber has wanted to get started for a week, but since it is only a "one day job" he wants to do everything on one visit. That means that I need the shower pan. Menards said it was suppose to arrive on Wednesday. Then they said today. Now they're saying Monday.

    Once that arrives, the plumber will come by. Then I'll quickly soundproof/insulate myself. Then Drywall.

    I'm hoping to get the plumbing/insulation done next week and get the drywall started mid/late next week. So it will be done by Thanksgiving. Then...floors, trim, tile, and paint.

    Budget is getting out of control, so that's also slowing me down a bit. Already about to cross what I *thought* was my total budget when we were considering the project. We're not quite half-way through with the costs!


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