Resolved: One (more) Year of Blogging

More than 700 posts later, I've stuck to my 2010 New Year's resolution of posting *something* to this blog every day of the year.  Last year, I celebrated the first time in my life that I actually stuck to my resolution.  Sure, writing a crummy blog post about something silly isn't all that impressive, but it was what I picked and as you can see from the number of posts next to various years, writing 365 posts wasn't always easy.

As far as stats go, the most popular post - by far - was this post on the Cedar Summit Playground from Costco.

This year, I also made a new resolution - and just like last year - I stuck to this one too.   This one was just as silly - and something that I shouldn't have had to 'resolve' to do, but nevertheless, the process worked and now I'm happy to say that I kept that resolution, too.

Here's to a great 2012.  A great wife.  Great daughter.  Amazing family.  A good job.  Even more surprises.  And...maybe even another whole year of blogging.


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