Roberts Harmony 3-in-1 Underlayment - Laminate Floors

Roberts Harmony 3-in-1 Premium Underlayment is the top of the line laminate flooring underlayment and is perfect for basement laminate floors as it seals out moisture while giving it a chance to breath and push the moisture out the sides instead of trapping it.

Home Depot sells the stuff for $60 for a 100 square foot roll, but the web has that beat.  You can buy a 630 square foot roll on Amazon for $210.  That's more than $150 less than it would cost at Home Depot and it ships for free with Super Saver shipping.  Just plan ahead!

The underlayment is made of 3 layers - with a specially designed middle layer made of little styrofoam balls.  You lay the stuff down quickly and this stuff has a really nice 7-inch overlap layer that helps seal the floor from the bottom all the way across the seams.

I'd recommend this underlayment to anyone - especially if you're looking to lay laminate floor in the basement where there is bare concrete floors.  I wouldn't however lay this stuff - or any floors in the basement for that matter - without having your basement waterproofed first.  That's your insurance policy.


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