New Illini Football Uniforms?

Yes, please.

This photo - sent to me by Equation Boy/Man and spotted on the Illinois Loyalty Forums - sure makes it seem like the days of the ILLINOIS helmets are gone.  The entire thread has discussion of the alleged changes including the incorporation of the "zig-zag" trim elements that are already in place on the hoops jerseys.  I welcome these new changes including what appears to be a Pro-Combat matte Navy Blue helmet.

The arched "Illini" is the same font/look that's currently on the hoops jerseys, which makes me think that this is a done deal.   And brings the program back to something close to what we had on our helmets from 1971 - 1987.  Check out the Helmet Project (scroll down to Illinois since there is no permalink) to see the Illinois helmet changes.

The changes will be endless...  The endzones.  The letterhead for the department.  The logo on the floor of the locker room.  (or is it the "Lockerroom"?)

Can't wait to see what else Coach Tim Beckman can do to improve the program.  Here we go!

The photo above is courtesy of - which it sounds like someone posted from a Facebook page somewhere?


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